A generation of students are growing up not being able to hold a pencil and write correctly

Why did we start creating Fit Fingers packs in the first place you might ask?

A recent article that was published in the Herald Sun and Daily Telegraph by Bruce McDougall illustrates the extent of fine motor deficiencies currently seen in a generation of school children.

The story details that a growing number of digital native students are growing up not being able to hold a pencil or write correctly.

The issue has resulted in an increased number of parents seeking treatment from occupational therapists for their children and classroom teachers recommending further finger strengthening activities to be completed at home.

As we have said previously, among other factors, it appears that the high use of digital devices by this generation significantly contributes to the issue. Particularly if this activity comes at the expense of natural, indoor and outdoor play where fine motor strength is developed.

Whilst this story is centred around the impact this phenomenon has to student’s handwriting skills; fine motor strength not only enables kids to write efficiently, but to also carry out many lifelong skills such as cutting, doing and un-doing buttons and zippers and tying shoelaces. These are skills that won’t disappear with technology advancements.

This is why we have created Fit Fingers! Children will always need fine motor skills to get-by in life and yet more and more children are deficient in this area.

If you are a parent or even an occupational therapist searching for ways to ensure that your child has the required fine motor skills to get through school and life, why not try Fit Fingers?