Activities to encourage fine motor skills

Fine motor skills require regular practice to develop the fine motor strength that children need to get through the demands of the Kindergarten and Primary School curriculum.

Completing ‘self-help’ skills are heavily reliant on children’s fine motor skills also as getting dressed, feeding oneself, tying shoe laces and opening lunch boxes and containers all require the use of the fine motor muscles.

The key is to make fine motor activities fun and engaging for your kids so that they want to practice and develop their fine motor muscles.

Activities that will encourage fine motor development:

  • Threading activities including threading beads, buttons, Fruit Loops and pasta onto string or pipe cleaners
  • Playing with push up and wind-up toys
  • Cutting practice: using spring scissors to snip objects and cut along think lines
  • Using Tweezers or pegs to pick up objects like pompoms
  • Drawing and mark making with thick or ‘stubby’ crayons and pencils
  • Making shapes, snakes and rolling plasticine into balls 

How do I make these activities for my kids?

Fit Fingers kits feature all the fine motor skill activities that are listed above in one easy to store pencil case. Your child will find the activities fun and engaging and most importantly it will strengthen and maintain their fine motor strength.

At $59 including free delivery (within Australia), Fit Fingers is an affordable solution to ensure that your child’s fine motor skills can withstand the day-to-day curriculum of kindergarten and primary school.

Alternatively, your local craft shop, educational shop and discount variety shops should stock the materials that you need to create a wide range of fine motor activities.

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