Activities to encourage fine motor skills in preschoolers

Well-developed fine motor skills are essential for children entering school as it encompasses so many skills required for learning. Writing, drawing, cutting, manipulating objects, self-help skills such as getting dressed, tying shoelaces, opening lunchboxes and containers, turning pages of a book all require the use of the fine motor muscles.

The key to developing fine motor skills is practice and it’s necessary to habit and develop these skills before your child starts school. Ideally, Kindergarten and Preschool are the times to really focus on fine motor strength and control. Below are some great and practical examples of activities that will help strengthen fine motor muscles. These activities are early-childhood focussed and promote hands-on and play based learning.

Ten fun fine motor skills for Pre-schoolers:

  1. Use tweezers to pick up pompoms, beads, buttons and foods such as blueberries, lentils or chickpeas. Pick up the objects and place them into a small container.
  2. Use plasticine to roll a snake and make shapes or a 3D picture. Use a plastic knife to cut the snake into little pieces.
  3. Sort buttons by shape/colour or size. Use the pincer grasp to pick up the buttons and glue them onto a piece of paper making a picture.
  4. Use pipe cleaners and thread them through a colander or clothesbasket. Thread beads or buttons onto the pipe cleaners.
  5. Use scissors to snip objects such as grass, paper, straws or cardboard.
  6. Practice cutting along different types of lines. Start with straight lines then move into simple shapes such as a circle or square.
  7. Make a paperclip chain by linking paper clips together
  8. Use cubby crayons to practice mark making on different surfaces and textures such as cardboard, paper, baking paper, corrugated cardboard.
  9. Use threading string and buttons and beads to make a necklace.
  10. Use rubber bands to stretch and close hands. Place the rubber bands around different sized containers and objects.

How do I make these activities for my kids?

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