Fine motor milestones for 3 year olds

Developing fine motor skills from an early age is critical, particularly when it comes to building future success in the school environment.

By the time children turn 3 years old there are a number of milestones that your child should be able to complete by the time.

Some of these fine motor milestones include:

  • Drawing the shapes of a circle, cross (+) and horizontal stroke
  • Turning the pages of a book one at a time
  • Snip the edges of paper with scissors
  • Use scissors to cut along a straight line
  • Use a fork to eat
  • Manage large buttons
  • Begin to dress independently with help for items like zippers, buttons and bows
  • Build a tower with 6 or more blocks
  • Hold a crayon using the thumb and fingers 

Whilst this isn’t an exhaustive checklist to determine whether your child is on track with their fine motor development, you will quickly develop an understanding of how their skills are tracking by asking your child to complete each of these tasks.

If you’ve found that your 3-year-old hasn’t been able to complete these tasks as well as you’d hoped don’t be alarmed! Identifying this early provides an opportunity to master these skills before they start kindergarten and primary school.

What can I do to help my 3-year-old continue to develop their fine motor skills?

I’ve created the Fit Fingers fine motor activity packs specifically for this purpose! Why? Because after teaching prep for 8 years, I’ve realised that this type of product is exactly what many parents have been seeking for some time before I start teaching their children.

Whether your child is already meeting these milestones or not it’s still a good idea to get a Fit Fingers pack. Just like at the gym where we do exercises to keep up our strength, our kids need to keep using these muscles on a daily basis and practice mastering these skills.

Our Fit Fingers kits are a one-stop-shop for fine motor and will stop you to cross town to get the materials needed to develop cutting, drawing and ‘self-help’ skills like eating and dressing oneself.

Buy a Fit Fingers fine motor activity pack today for $59 including free shipping (within Australia).

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