Fit Fingers fine motor pack

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Fit Fingers is a fine motor activity pack, which has been specially designed to improve fine motor strength and develop important life-long skills for toddlers and children.

Everyone needs well-developed fine motor skills to get through daily life and thus developing these skills at any early age is critical to set the stage for success not only in school, but also in later life.

Listed below are examples of essential tasks that require fine motor strength and are also skills that a Fit Fingers pack can help to improve:

  • Handwriting and developing a proper pencil grip
  • Drawing, painting and colouring
  • Using scissors
  • Tying shoelaces
  • Doing up and un-doing buttons
  • Holding and using utensils properly e.g. Using a knife and fork
  • Zipping and unzipping
  • Turning pages of a book

We have listed below some very common scenarios where having a Fit Fingers pack can help with the development your child.

(Ages 3 – 4) Development at home or kindergarten/pre-school:

  • I want to do everything possible at home to continue my child’s development
  • I want my child to begin to develop their finger muscles so that they can become more independent with dressing and feeding themselves
  • I want my child to begin to experiment with drawing and pre-writing

(Ages 4 – 5) Preparing my child for school:

  • I want to ensure that my child is ready to start school
  • I wish to make sure that they have developed the skills that will be required in their first year of school
  • My child’s kindergarten teacher has raised concerns about my child’s fine motor strength

(Ages 5 and over) - My child has already started school and:

  • They are becoming frustrated when writing
  • They have trouble completing simple tasks such as cutting, drawing and handwriting
  • They have low self-esteem about their abilities at school, particularly with literacy based and writing tasks

If you find that you and your child match one of these scenarios above, don’t hesitate and purchase a Fit Fingers pack today.


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