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Activities for fine motor skill development

Activities for fine motor skill development

Specially designed for toddlers and children in kindergarten, pre-school or primary school. 



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Fine motor skill examples that we can't live without

  • Writing and drawing

    Including developing a proper pencil grip, as well as painting and colouring. 

  • Using scissors

    Not only the act of cutting paper or cardboard, but also the precision and accuracy of the cut.

  • Using utensils

    Not only holding a knife and fork correctly, but using them to eat each meal. 

Our fine motor activities for you to download

The only way to develop and improve upon your child’s fine motor strength is by having them complete and repeat a series of fine motor activities in their early years. In this modern age, we believe there is no such thing as too much fine motor strength or too much fine motor practice.

Simply click on the image of the activity that you wish to download below.


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